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Solar System Installation & Maintenance Training in Dubai | MCTC Dubai Professional

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موقعك: Dubai
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Do you want to learn solar system installation and maintenance course with certification in Dubai? MCTC Dubai welcome you to our training center to learn solar system installation and maintenance from our experts! MCTC Dubai is a leading training center in Dubai that provides professional training for several job-oriented courses from 2006 onwards. We will help you to learn the things through practical sessions easily. Free demo is available for all the courses. Affordable fees.

Our course content includes:

  • Solar Energy
    · Electromagnetic Spectrum
    · Tools
    · Basic electrical
    · Basic electronics
    · Basic Semiconductor Physics
    · Atomic structure
    · Semiconductor Junctions
    · The Working Principle of a Solar Cell
    · Types of Solar PV System
    · Solar PV Technology
    · Details of charge controller
    · Details of battery
    · Battery Bank Design
    · Serial connections
    · Parallel connection
    · Serial and parallel combination
    · Details of inverter
    · Stand-alone systems
    · Solar off grid installation
    · Solar on grid installation
    · Hybrid solar systems installation
    · Home plant planning
    · Design and calculation of solar panel

For further queries, feel free to call us on 0552239282 / write to us @ [email protected] / visit us on

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